Gafchromic RTQA2

Gafchromic RTQA2 self-developing radiochromic quality assurance films are well-suited for machine QA in the processor-less environment of the modern hospital. They are for faster, easier, more convenient and less costly quality assurance testing of radiotherapy sources and the commissioning of therapy equipment. The films are specifically designed for LINAC/accelerator machine quality assurance, such as light field/radiation field-alignment tests and precision star shot, as well as position verification for HDR and autoradiograpy of implantable seeds, plaques and other sources. 

Product Name Product Code Format
Gafchromic™ RTQA2-1010 828217 Box - 25 Sheets
(10" x 10")
Gafchromic™ RTQA2-111 828218 Box - 25 Sheets
(1.25" x 11")
Gafchromic™ RTQA2-1417 828219 Box - 10 Sheets
(12" x 18")<