FilmQA™ Pro Calibration

Film calibration determines the average response of the system consisting of
  • the radiation source (may include non-homogeneities in the flat field),
  • Radiochromic film (may have non-uniformities)
  • RGB scanner (may add lateral effect and noise),
  • mode of operation (encompassing film orientation, ambient conditions).

Those system parts may add disturbances to the calibration, i.e. the conditions must be held constant or the regions of interest used to generate a calibration table must be large enough to average the above mentioned distortion effects.

FilmQA pro correlates the data of the calibration table to a smooth monotonic (invertible) function. The functions offered in FilmQA Pro have only 3– 5 parameters, i.e. the calibration process requires only 2-4 exposed calibration patches + unexposed file to carry out a calibration.

To minimize the inter-scan related effects all calibration patches must be scanned together (ordinary calibration) and the application or patient film should be evaluated using reference patches (download protocol).

Ordinary Film Calibration

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